Save on Precious Time and Money by Selecting Urgent Care Services

When a medical problem requires immediate attention, it can be difficult to discern if it truly calls for a visit to the ER, or if an urgent care clinic will suffice. Generally, an emergency condition is something that threatens a person’s life or can potentially cause permanent impairment. On the other hand, urgent care clinics can handle medical problems that, although not emergencies, need to be treated within 24 hours. Some of the conditions treated by urgent care include:

● Broken bones
● Sprains
● Chronic pain
● Respiratory illnesses
● Slips and falls
● Abdominal pain
● Minor cuts
● Vomiting
● Fever
● Diarrhea

If a medical problem is life threatening, call 911 so that the patient may receive the necessary immediate care at the nearest ER. If the condition is not a true emergency, a visit to the ER can be costly and unnecessary. Read more from this blog:


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