Urgent Care Services Teach Proper Lifting Techniques to Avoid Injury

Back injuries account for a significant amount of lost productivity and urgent care services. Whether at home or at work, you need to practice proper lifting techniques to protect yourself from injury. Check out these dos and don’t’s of lifting and handling so you can prevent a major injury.


Don’t stoop over. Use your legs to lift, not your back. Maintain proper posture at all times while lifting, with your back straight and head up.

Do not twist your waist at any time when you are with lifted object. Always keep your shoulders in line with the hips. If you have to turn, turn with your entire body, and not just your back.

Do not attempt to lift an object that’s too heavy for you to handle. Test the object’s weight before lifting, and if help is necessary, ask or request for somebody to assist you before your proceed.


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