4 Circumstances when it’s Okay to Conduct Employee Drug Testing

Drug testing, along with other forms of pre-employment verifications, is a requirement for many companies. For employers, it’s an effective way to confirm that their employees are clear-minded and ready to put their best foot forward each day. A well run drug testing program can increase productivity, while minimizing accidents, absenteeism and turnover among employees.

There are four basic situations wherein drug testing would typically be warranted. If your organization implements drug and alcohol tests for employees, be sure to have these listed in your company policy:

Pre-employment testing

Prior to employment is generally when most employers begin the drug screening process. According to experts, pre-employment drug testing is best done after the new employee has been selected so money isn’t spent on candidates who are not the right fit for the job. If you implement pre-employment testing, you must be consistent and test every candidate after your offer of employment.


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