Medical Surveillance Programs for Nail Salon Employers

When it comes to getting a manicure or pedicure done by a professional – there are a lot of chemicals involved to make sure someone’s feet or hands are properly taken care of. If you are an employer at a nail salon, then you are aware of what employees have to go through in order to make sure feet and hands are pampered correctly. It means being around harmful chemicals.

A few hazardous chemicals found in nail salon products are:

• Acetone
• Acetonitrile
• Butyl acetate
• Dibutyl phthalate
• Ethyl acetate
• Toluebe
• Formaldehyde

All of these chemicals that employees are regularly breathing in and touching could be detrimental to their health. By using a medical surveillance program, you will be able to assess and monitor employees being exposed to these hazardous chemicals. Prevention strategies can be made to ensure all employees are safe from harm.


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