Occupational Therapy Companies Get Employees Back to Work Safely and Quickly

When someone gets injured at work, it’s common to think that they can continue to work if they are just “careful” – but the truth is, they really need time away from their job to recover. U.S. HealthWorks provides physical and occupational therapy so that once the employee is ready to come back to work, they can go through a transitional period in order to safely observe and correct their skills. This transitional period is not something that should be done alone which is why having an occupational therapy company like U.S. HealthWorks assist is crucial to getting your employee back to performing their job duties safely and in a timely manner.

An occupational therapist will…

Once an employee is back at work and ready to start picking up where they left off, an occupational therapist takes a few things into consideration when guiding the employing.


5 Ways Worksite Clinics Helps Employees Return to Work Quicker

Managing a lot of employees can be a tedious job – especially when many get sick or hurt and have trouble returning to work in a timely matter. With the help of worksite clinics, these issues can simply go away. A worksite clinic would provide your employees health services dedicated to making sure they have the resources needed to keep them healthy and even help them recover from an injury quickly. A few ways an U.S. HealthWorks’ onsite clinic services help employees return to work quicker are through:

• They can manage workplace injuries
An onsite clinic is able to provide first aid and professional healthcare assistance for an injury on the job. This way if an employee gets hurt or falls ill, there will be an onsite nurse or other medical professional to examine the injury.

Telemedicine Services Help Provide Immediate Medical Care from Afar

You may not think much about it but your ears are very crucial not only because it facilitates your sense of hearing, but also because it helps keep your balance. See, deep inside your ear are the vestibule and semicircular canals, which help keep you upright, while the cochlea is the part that works for your hearing.

For these two functions, it becomes important that you attend to your ear problems before they get any worse. It’s not just your inner ear that you must be careful of, however, as the other sections are just as relevant.

Middle Ear Care

The most commonly injured portion of your ear would be the middle portion. Children, especially, come to a certain stage when their curiosity leads them to insert or poke things into their ear. What can happen next ranges anywhere from a busted eardrum, a developing ear infection, or an internal wound to the ear.

Protect Against Foreign Insect Bites, Get Vaccinations for Travel

Not a lot of people are fond of having creepy crawlies and other insects getting near them, and especially not in body orifices like ears. Somehow, someway, however, certain insects still manage to get inside the ears, particularly while you are sleeping.

It’s fairly easy to imagine how this can induce panic, especially if this happens while you are vacationing in an unfamiliar territory. You’re not sure what kind of insect literally got into you, and you would want to get rid of it at the soonest possible time before it does any serious injury. If you have vaccinations, however, you can at least mitigate that concern of contracting diseases from a biting insect inside your ear.

Relieving Arthritis Pain: Sports Physical Urgent Care Shares 4 Tips

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, medical experts estimate that roughly 52.5 million adults suffer from arthritis, a painful inflammation of the joints. Severe cases of arthritis can be crippling, which can easily prevent you from doing the things you love to do, as well as the things you have to do. One-third of working-age people who suffer from arthritis are limited in the type work they can do and whether or not they can work full-time.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help relieve the pain and discomfort brought about by arthritis. In fact, some of these ways are quite simple:

Have a discussion with your doctor

Your doctor is one of the first people who want to see you beat arthritis. He or she can help provide you with a list of things you can do and a list of things that may make arthritic pain worse.

Don’t Let Pet Allergies Get You Down and Find Urgent Care


Who doesn’t love pets? According to a recent National Pet Owners Survey, almost 62 percent of American households own pets, and more than 161 million of these are dogs and cats. These numbers are unsurprising, given the innate cuteness of these furry friends that one can’t simply ignore.

Unfortunately, for some of these pet owners, they have an allergy to their animals. This is why it’s important to seek urgent care services for your pet allergies before you experience a severe allergic reaction.

What are the allergens found in pets?

A million of these pet owners find that they’re allergic to the proteins found in their pet’s skin cells, saliva, or urine. Most of the time, allergic reactions are triggered by their pet’s dander and skin flakes. At times, however, people find themselves having an allergic reaction to pollen, mold spores, and other outdoor allergens collected by their pet’s fur or hair.


Learn about the DOT Physical Exam Requirement for Truck Driving Jobs

Truck driving is one of the fastest-growing, most lucrative middle-class jobs in the country, especially in the midst of businesses recovering from the recent economic recession. Long-distance truck-driving have garnered renewed appreciation as the lifeline of the country’s economy. After all, it is thanks to this job that stores are able to replenish their stocks, and businesses are able to keep their doors open.

Truck driving, however, is a very physical-intensive job, requiring top fitness conditions for those who will get into the business. A truck driver will be confronting varied—sometimes averse—weather conditions, long drives late into the night, and dangerous roads and mountainsides. For all of these, the driver should be certified to be in the pink of health. This is why the DOT physical is a non-negotiable requirement for those looking to land a truck driving job.