Occupational Therapy Company Finds 4 Knee Strengthening Exercises to do While at Work

Knee pain from just sitting

Getting knee pain doesn’t just happen with runners, cyclists, and other people who are very active. In fact, knee pain can occur with people who stay still most of the day and stay in the same position for long periods of time. Even sitting for too long at a desk could cause issues. People who cross their legs often while sitting at their desk could fall victim to their inner thighs becoming too tight, rotating, and thus resulting in knee pain.

Quick return-to-work programs

There are also occupations that require employees to lift heavy objects, which could cause intense stress on the knees. In either situation, employees can have work related incidents involving their knees. Occupational therapy company, U.S. HealthWorks wants to assist when these moments occur so that your employee can get the help they need quickly and return to work to perform their job duties – pain free.


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